Santos Gallegos

Software and Application Security Engineer


Hi there! I’m Santos Gallegos, I'm from Ecuador 🇪🇨. I’m passionate about web development, algorithms, Python, Rust, Neovim, cybersecurity, and free and open source software. I’m always eager to learn new things, when I’m not working I like to read, watch movies, draw and paint.

📋 Overview

I’m currently working at Read the Docs as a backend developer and application security engineer, in my free time I also work as a freelancer Rust developer, and pentester for several companies. I have participated in several programming competitions, CTFs, and hackathons, I actively contribute to open source projects, and report security vulnerabilities for fun and in bug bounty programs.

I also help to organize events in my local Python community, Python Ecuador, and have given several talks about Python, open source, and cybersecurity.

Below you can find a more detailed description of my professional experience, and skills.

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🪪 Contact information

I prefer to be contacted by email, but you can also find me on LinkedIn.

💬 Languages

Languages I am proficient in:

  • English - fluent
  • Spanish - native

📑 Table of contents

🧑‍💻 Professional experience

🏆 Competitions

Occasionally I like to participate in programming competitions, hackathons, and CTFs. Here are some of the main ones I’ve participated in:

🎤 Talks and events

I help to organize several events in my local community, including:

I’ve given several talks in local meetups and events (mostly in Spanish):

📚 Technical knowledge and skills

This is a non-exhaustive list of the technologies/tools/skills I actively use and have experience with:

🛡️ Publicly disclosed security vulnerabilities

I have responsibly reported several security vulnerabilities; some of the public ones are listed below.

🤝 Open source projects and contributions

A list of some of the open source projects I’ve created, help to maintain, or made substantial contributions to.

🌐 Find me on the Internet